Tues April 15, 2014 Center Biweekly Meeting Price Dickson, Postdoctoral Associate, Chesler group 2:00pm B53 ERB 2535

Tues April 29, 2014 Center Journal Club Narayanan Raghupathy, Postdoctoral Associate, Churchill group 2:00pm B53 ERB 2535

Tues May 13, 2014 Center Biweekly Meeting Bo Ji, Postdoctoral Associate, Carter group 2:00pm B53 ERB 2535


March 28, 2014 Center students win science fair awards and will compete at Intel International Science & Engineering Fair [ Read More ]

February 13, 2014 Center students interviewed by NIGMS [ Read More ]

January 3, 2014 Center resources and investigators contribute in a Science paper on the consequences of genetic drift [ Read More ]


Analytical Tools



Education & Outreach


Creating computational and experimental tools for the analysis of genome dynamics

Generating large scale datasets in order to interrogate the complexity of the genome

Evaluating the impact of genome organization on mammalian biology

Training current and prospective scientists in the systems approach



Phylogeny Viewer

Mouse Phylogeny Viewer

The Mouse Phylogeny Viewer is a custom genome browser designed by the Center for Genome Dynamics.

The viewer provides the user with reliable and detailed answers to questions on the haplotype diversity and phylogenetic origin of the genetic variation underlying any genomic region of most laboratory strains (both classical and wild-derived).

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