Narayanan Raghupathy

Narayanan Raghupathy

Postdoctoral Associate
Churchill Group, The Jackson Laboratory


The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor
Maine, 04609

Phone: 207-288-6715

I am interested in developing statistical/computational approaches to utilize next generation/high-throughput genomic data and applying integrative genomic approaches to understand transcriptional regulation and molecular basis of complex traits.

I am currently working on understanding the role of Vitamin D diet on HDL cholesterol levels in a directional mouse cross study using RNA-Seq data. I will be using genome-wide methylation and metabolomic data to build system level models to understand the effect of Vitamin D on HDL cholesterol. I am also working with Elissa Chesler and Matt Hibbs on methodology development for better quantification of RNA-Seq data.