Michael Walker

Michael WalkerBioinformatics Analyst
Ken Paigen Group, The Jackson Laboratory


The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor
ME, 04609

Phone: 207 288 1725
Email: michael.walker@jax.org

I am a Bioinformatics Analyst working in Ken Paigen's group studying the chromosomal arrangement of functional genes and other genomic features along with the implications relevant to evolution and selection. In support of this effort I have been designing and developing software for analyzing the spatial clustering of genomic features using an empirical approach to deriving r-scan statistics. This software is suited to the analysis of a diverse range of datasets including curated functional gene lists, expression data, SNP associations to phenotypes, recombination hotspots and promoter binding sites. Additional work includes the analysis of the genomic oragaization of shared protein domains which make up the modular architecture of protein coding genes and the development of software for performing chromosome walks to compute summary statistics, clustering tendencies and random expectations of various characteristics of genes that are in proximity to one another.