Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array

The Center designed a high-density mouse genotyping array the captures the known genetic variation present in the laboratory mouse.



This section describes how the array was created by Center investigators and how it can be used.

Mouse Diversity Array Browser

We have developed a web browser that allow easy access to genotypes of 1902 samples processed at the Center for Genome Dynamics.

FTP Data Download

1902 samples processed at the Center for Genome Dynamics available to download as CEL files and SQLite database.

Mouse Phylogeny Viewer

Comparative genome browser for 198 mice strains.

Haplotype Reconstruction

We reconstructed haplotype blocks for three panels of recombinant inbred strains (AXB/BXA, LXS and BXD) and three panels of chromosome substitution strains (B6.A, B6.PWD and B6.MSM).


MouseDivGeno is a R package specifically designed to genotype the Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array.