Pilot Projects

Seed Funding to Support Innovative Computational Approaches

Members of The Jackson Laboratory Scientific Staff and researchers at outside participating institutions were encouraged to participate in Center research through pilot projects.

Projects were reviewed using the standard NIH criteria for significance, approach, innovation, qualifications of the investigator, and suitability to the Center's environment. The Center also considered the following specific criteria: likelihood to lead to a successful NIH grant application in an area of systems biology; reasonable budget; capacity to enhance CGD resources; interdisciplinary collaboration; and involvement of external collaborators. Pilot project funds were typically used to support personnel effort; supplies; user fees for Scientific Services; mouse purchases. Pilot projects were awarded for up to two years.

Examples of Center pilot projects included:

Elissa Chesler Elissa Chesler
Genetic Structure of Reference Populations
Evaluation and comparison of genetic reference populations based on the development of linkage disequilibrium and segregation distortion observed systematically through combinatorial analysis of high density genotype data.

Leonard McMillan & Wei Wang Leonard McMillan & Wei Wang
Computational Tools for Systems Genetics
Creation of a database to host the genotyping, transcript, copy-number variation, and methylation data for Center projects, and external users of the Mouse Diversity Genotyping array. Genome Compatibility and Tree-based Association Analysis.