Short Course on Systems Genetics

The Short Course on Systems Genetics focuses on current approaches used to address the analysis of complex genetic traits both in humans and other model systems. This intensive 6-day residential course is offered in the Fall of each year and was developed by Center investigators Gary Churchill and Karl Broman.

Faculty and Participants

The course is designed to accommodate students with a wide variety of backgrounds. Biologists seeking to gain a deeper understanding of statistical and computational methods as well as quantitative scientists desiring exposure to biological problems are welcome. Student enrollment is kept deliberately small to achieve a desirable level of student-faculty interaction.
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Course Contents

The overall goal of the course is to train new scientists and re-train established investigators in the use of mathematical tools for the analysis of complex phenotypes and systems. This goal is achieved through a series of lectures, computer workshops and discussion sessions.
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Highseas Conference Center

Participants and some faculty reside together at Highseas Conference Center, a Georgian style mansion built in 1912. Highseas is perched on the cliffs overlooking the entrance to Frenchman Bay and surrounded by beautiful Acadia National Park.
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"A+++ Fantastic course; wonderful speakers; great material; really interesting spectrum of math and biology in the participants – what would our network of interest + expertise look like? Thanks!!"

Participant of the 2008 Short Course on Systems Genetics