Short Course on Systems Genetics

Typical Day

What does a typical day look like during the Short Course on Systems Genetics?

Morning Lectures

Lectures are held in the mornings after a 15-minute review of the previous day’s material and provide essential background information. Those completing the course will acquire a critical working knowledge of experimental approaches to: i) QTL analysis, ii) microarray analysis, iii) statistical methodology (Bayesian methods, causal inference), iv) gene expression networks and co-expression analysis, v) bio-informatics and software tools for database "mining".

Afternoon Workshops

Interactive sessions such as tutorials, workshops, problem sets and computer instruction, are held in the afternoons. Computing workshops introduce software tools in the context of real data analyses. The workshops and tutorials supplement the lecture material through hands-on experience, problem solving, and more informal exchange dynamics with the faculty.

Evening Discussions

Evening sessions are relaxed and are intended to be informal sessions with course faculty available for discussion of that day's topics. On the first evening, to promote participant interaction, students introduce themselves and give short presentations on their professional interests and their expectations of the course. On subsequent evenings, group discussions provide an opportunity for exchange of ideas on experimental design, data analyses and interpretation of results.