Systems Genetics Online

Cultivating an Interdisciplinary Approach to Genetics

Systems Genetics Online delivers educational content integrating computer science and mathematics in the study of genetics. This content includes recorded lectures from The Short Course on Systems Genetics and from Independent Studies in Computational Biology, our research course for talented high school students. Slides, lecture notes, R code, data, examples or exercises may supplement recorded lectures. Content is organized into four distinct instructional modules.

Quantitative Trait MappingQuantitative Trait Mapping

This module builds foundational knowledge in genetic mapping of quantitative traits and develops analytical skills in the application of the R programming language and R/qtl package.

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Gene ExpressionGene Expression

An introduction to gene expression measurement with microarrays and next-generation sequencing and approaches to data analysis from these technologies.

Module currently under development

eQTLExpression Quantitative Trait Loci (eQTL)

This component presents the treatment of gene expression as a quantitative trait and provides approaches to mapping and analysis of eQTL.

Module currently under development

Causal ModelingCausal Modeling

This module presents techniques for testing causal relations and for developing causal models and networks.

Module currently under development