Visiting Investigators

Promoting Systems Biology and Facilitating Collaboration

Short-term opportunities were provided for outside investigators to visit the Center and work with our
researchers and resources through The Jackson Laboratory Visiting Investigator Program. Many of the Center’s resources, such as research mouse colonies and phenotyping protocols, can be best utilized on site. Visitors were attracted through faculty contacts, advertising at conferences, consulting the External Advisory Board for candidates, and websites.

The visiting investigator program enabled the continued growth of systems biology research within the Center. Both visiting and Center investigators were provided with access to new perspectives and areas of expertise critical to this emerging discipline.

Examples of visiting investigators who have worked in the Center were:

Gudrun BrockmannGudrun Brockmann Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, Humboldt University, Berlin

Topic: Identification of murine candidate genes for body weight and obesity
Dates: March-September 2007

Liam O'Brien Liam O’Brien Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Colby College

Topic: Statistical genetics and microarray analysis
Dates: June - July 2006