Mouse Evolutionary Genetics Meeting
June 18 - 19, 2009

Sponsored by the NIGMS Center for Genome Dynamics at The Jackson Laboratory

The central theme of this invitation only meeting was the development of the house mouse as a model for evolutionary genetics, including the study of complex traits, phenotypic evolution, and genetic variation. The meeting was supported by the NIGMS Center for Genome Dynamics at The Jackson Laboratory.

Meeting schedule (PDF)

Meeting Goals

The house mouse: a model for evolutionary genetics and the study of complex traits

The house mouse has served as an excellent model in evolutionary biology, including studies of genetic and phenotypic variation, the genetics of adaptation, and the genetics of speciation. The house mouse has also served as the premier mammalian model for the study of complex traits, including many human diseases. Despite the central role of the house mouse in both evolution and genetics, mouse evolutionary biologists and mouse geneticists have remained largely in separate communities. With the rise of genomics, there is increasing potential to use mice for asking fundamental questions about the genetics and evolution of complex traits.

The meeting brought together mouse evolutionary biologists and geneticists to:

  • Help create a community to further develop the mouse as a model for complex trait analysis and evolutionary genetics
  • Identify important research questions at the intersection of evolution and genetics
  • Discuss how the study of complex traits from a functional perspective might advance our understanding of evolution
  • Identify ways in which wild mice could supplement existing resources in mouse genetics
  • Develop a plan for the establishment of community resources including a catalog of genetic variation in wild mice and a larger set of wild-derived inbred lines that capture most of the variation in the mouse genome
  • Initiate research collaborations between evolutionary biologists and geneticists.


The meeting was held in the Willow Lounge of The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education Conference Center. The Friday Center is in the Central Piedmont section of North Carolina, near the state capital, three major universities, the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), and the Research Triangle Park.

Directions to the Friday Center
Floorplan of the Friday Center


Meeting schedule (PDF)
The meeting started at 9.00am on Thursday June 18 and ended at 1.00pm on Friday June 19, 2009.
Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon break were provided on both days.


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Imogen Hurley, Ph.D.
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