Biweekly Meetings 2015


Tuesdays, every other week
2pm – 3pm
B53 ERB 2535, The Jackson Laboratory
Susan McClatchy (susan dot mcclatchy at jax dot org)

January 13 Mark Keller, Sr. Scientist, University of Wisconsin, Madison
January 27 Meeting cancelled due to blizzard conditions
February 10 Karl Broman, Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
February 24 Wei Wang, Professor, UCLA
March 10 Gary Churchill, Director, Center for Genome Dynamics
March 24 No Meeting
April 7 Joel Graber, Sr. Research Scientist, JAX
April 21 No Meeting
May 5 Vivek Kumar, Asst. Professor, JAX
May 19 Pre-CGD Retreat Meeting
June 2 No Meeting
June 16 PI-only Planning Meeting
Summer Break Center meetings resume in September 2015