The Convert From Form allows you to convert from a selected input type to a selected output type. The input type will either be a coordinate system (based on centimorgans or basepairs) or a genetic feature ID which allows for RS numbers or Ensembl Gene IDs. When the input type is selected an example of the correct input text formatting will be shown as above the input section. If you have multiple values to convert you should separate each value with a newline. Also note that if your input data is already saved in a correctly formatted file on your computer you can just use the "Browse..." button. Once your data has been successfully converted you can save the results by clicking the "Download" button.

Refer to the following formatting rules for creating input data:
  • Use spaces or tabs to separate data columns
  • For SNP or Gene IDs the first column will be treated as the IDs and all subsequent columns will not be used for the conversion.
  • For centimorgan and basepair values the first column will be treated as a chromosome ID, the second column will be a cM or bp value. You can optionally use a 3rd column which will also be treated as cM or bp value. All columns after are ignored when converting data.
Here are some examples of correctly formatted input data:
1 44.4
2 3.2234
1 77
5 44.21 54.21
6 21.1
4 19.002
1 55
Base pair
1 92887845
2 7821365
1 172956646
5 92572826
6 47433029 47519820
4 41364422 42273798
1 131246731
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