Project D: Using Diversity Outbred mice to study metabolic traits

Karen L. Svenson (Jackson)


This project is using Diversity Outbred (DO) mice to identify genes involved in complex biological pathways related to metabolic diseases using a high fat diet perturbation. Mixed genomes in experimental models have historically imposed enormous hurdles to sorting out relevant functional components of fundamental biological processes. With current technologies for high-density genotyping, this new genetically heterogeneous population is now a welcome resource for interrogating nuances of multiple biological systems that support and maintain life. Adding an environmental perturbation, high fat diet, will help to recapitulate a specific challenge to humans that is increasingly recognized as a significant driver of overall health. This research plan is providing an opportunity to integrate with other Center projects to build a gene-environment interaction of complex metabolic processes by generating comprehensive resources to be utilized in studies of epigenetics (Project A), genotype-phenotype networks (Projects E and G), RNA processing (Project F), gene expression (Project G), and metabolites (Project H) under perturbed environmental conditions.

Center related publications

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Project D

  • Karen Svenson