Project E: Data Driven Systems Genetics Workflow for New Experimental Platforms

Elissa J. Chesler (Jackson)


Systems genetics experiments typically involve separate acquisition of genotype, gene expression and phenotypic data in a genetically diverse population. Conventional quantitative trait loci (QTL) and co-expression methods are applied to these data to construct genotype and phenotype networks. Application of this approach is reliant on existing resources, including a well-established reference genome, a dense genetic marker map often derived relative to the reference genome, and microarrays that are biased toward specific transcript structures and alleles. We are developing an approach that avoids these intrinsic biases through the development and application of high throughput RNA sequencing technology as the sole source of transcription and polymorphism data for an expression QTL experiment. These new methods will minimize initial knowledge requirements. We are creating software for our data-driven systems genetics approach, called SEQQTL, for use with highly diverse mouse populations, newly sequenced organisms, or in populations without an established genetic map. We are developing and validating these techniques in the Diversity Outbred mouse population.

Center related publications

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