Mouse Strain Comparison (Beta Version)

This web application allows you to create a boolean expressions which can be used to see how the genomes of the different strains are related to each other. For more detailed information please see the help.

Step 1: Select a genome dataset to work with

Genome Dataset:

Step 2: Define genetic equivalence between strains

Genetic intervals will be considered equivalent between strains where there are at least consecutive SNP calls that match and the interval extends for a minimum distance of base pairs (bp). Every other part of the genome will be considered nonequivalent.

Step 3: Build a strain comparison expression

The "and" operators will have precidence over the "or" operators as in Disjunctive Normal Form.

Step 4: View the comparison data

The genome is colored blue wherever your strain comparison expression is true.
Chromosome: Color Palette:

Graph Zoom/Scroll Bar (Drag Handles to Zoom):

Step 5: Download the comparison data