Other Online Tools

Online tools not supported by the Center ( alphabetical order )

A free extensible and customizable gene annotation portal, a complete resource for learning about gene and protein function.

Gene Weaver
A system for the integration of functional genomics experiments.

KOMPute - Computational Predictions of Knock Out Mouse Phenotypes
The KOMPute project aims to use computational tools to predict the phenotypes and functions associated with every mouse gene/protein. Using a Bayesian network machine learning technique, we have integrated billions of data points into tissue-specific functional networks for the laboratory mouse, which are available for visualization and analysis through the mouseMAP project. Based on these networks and a "guilt by association" assumption, we have applied a Support Vector Machine (SVM) approach to identify novel genes that are tightly connected with known genes for thousands of phenotypes or biological processes. Here at KOMPute, users can browse through our computational predictions, as well as known phenotypes and functions for genes, and can "drill down" to the underlying integrated networks our predictions were built upon.

MGI Gbrowse
Create a display of regions of the mouse genome.

UNC Gbrowse
GBrowse is an open source genome viewer, which combines both databases and interactive Web pages for manipulating and displaying annotations on genomes. We utilize GBrowse to visualize genome-wide datasets as tracks, of which the order and the appearance are customizable by administrators or end-users. GBrowse supports simultaneous overviews, regional views, and detailed views.