MouseDivGeno is an R software package tailored to the analysis of the Affymetrix Mouse Diversity Array (MDA). 

MouseDivGeno software can

  • perform genotype calling of Mouse Diversity Array CEL files
  • identify variable intensity oligonucleotide probes (VINOs)
  • infer copy number variations by one of two methods:
    • generate LRR and BAF formats as input for PennCNV
    • call CNVs using a hidden Markov model implemented in the simpleCNV function

Release  1.04 - January 24, 2012 (GitHub Repository)

Software Disclaimer and Copyright Notice


On mac or linux you can enter the following command in your terminal:

    R CMD INSTALL MouseDivGeno_1.0.4.tar.gz

On window use the "packages->Install package(s) from local zip files..." from R menu

Download Versions

Supporting Data with annotations (Didion, 2012)

MouseDivGeno vignette [PDF]